Feed Not Thy Bloodlust: The Modern-Day Vampires of Animedom

Throughout centuries, their kind had been feared and looked down upon at the same time. Humans have killed them in both literature and all forms of modern media. But that was then. These… Continue reading

Naraku’s Death: A Long Journey To Defeat

We thought it wouldn’t happen. Episode after another, Naraku managed to successfully pester our beloved heroes in InuYasha. He had been the one behind our heroes’ fates as it intertwine and turn into… Continue reading

From East to Southeast: A Look At Popular Japanese and Philippine Folklore Figures

They are part of every culture. Orally transmitted beliefs, myths, and legends that in its core are teachers of valuable lessons in life. Any child would have heard of it from grown-ups to… Continue reading

Yuuko Ichihara

Name: Yuuko Ichihara Real Name: she wouldn’t reveal Aliases: Dimension Witch Gender: Female Occupation: Owner of her own shop that grants wishes Slaves: Maru and Moro, Kimihiro Watanuki Seiyuu: Sayaka Oohara ***** If… Continue reading

Lelouch Lamperouge / Lelouch vi Britannia

Real Name: Lelouch vi Britannia Aliases: Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero, Black Prince, King of Elevens Nickname: Lulu Age: 17 (first season); 18 (second season) Gender: Male Birthdate: December 5 1999 a.t.b. Nationality: Britannian Occupation:… Continue reading

Absolute Mystery: What is the Geass?

Resenting a simple and meaningless death in the hands of the Britannian Empire, Lelouch’s wish to survive was granted by C.C. by transferring to him a power she called The Power Of Kings.… Continue reading