Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Youko Kurama

Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho Name: Youko Kurama Human Name: Shuuichi Minamino Race: Fox Demon Age: 15 years old (boy), about 3000 (fox demon) Hair: Silver (demon-form), Red (human form) Eyes: Hazel/Gold (demon-form), Green… Continue reading

Proud Pinoys, Net and Anime

Sure the net is vast and seems infinite. Couple that with the known truth that we Pinoys aren’t exactly behind the times when it comes to trends which includes modern technology. Add to… Continue reading

Questor Hits 1 Year!!!

Questor Magazine’s August 2001 issue was not only special because it is the August issue (coz it’s my birthmonth and I’m the writer of this blog ^ ^), it also celebrated the magazine’s… Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Us!!!

Forgive me for rubbing it some more that animeHOLIC Blogzine is now 1 year old. Big deal ‘to. Kahit sino naman na nagb-blog naiintindihan siguro kung gaano kasaya ang makatagal ng isang taon,… Continue reading

Know your manga (and anime)

Don’t try asking exactly how many mangas Japan have put out so far because it may be nearly impossible to get any answer. Even the history of manga dates far back to the… Continue reading

Go Crazy for Baccano!

Aboard the Flying Pussyfoot, a great story of several unrelated events happened; a nearly unheared fuss turned into a commotion of immense proportion; a smooth ride led to a trainwreck; and a on-of-a-kind… Continue reading