Ba Bi Bu Be…Boink!



Who among us did not dream of becoming a superhero when we were kids? Fighting crimes, saving the innocents, protecting the weak. Or at the very least a nice costume and some superhuman ability that could be bragged about.

And this was exactly what was on Karin Kokubu’s mind. She wanted to become one of ‘dem superheroes. But she never thought it would ever become any possible until she met a strange-looking yellow piglet.

The piglet – who turned out to be from outer space – handed her a Tonpact (a compact) along with a spell that will turn her into a flying superhero who could save the world as well as the pig’s future.


But Karin couldn’t have been more surprised to find out how she looked like as a superhero: Pink skin, a round body, hoofed feet and most importantly a snout. And so begins the life of the most unlikely superhero in town: SuperBoink!

The Big Reward


“Collect 108 pearls and you’ll be able to transform into the superhero that you like!” Those were Binky’s (the piglet) words to Karin to make her accept the task of becoming SuperBoink. The Tonpact decides on the number of pearls to give Karin after every task she successfully does. If she completes the 108 pearls needed, she could turn into a version of Cutey Chao, her image of the ultimate superheroine.

“I didn’t sign up for this!”

A superhero’s identity is his biggest secret. Everyone knows that. And for SuperBoink, that secret’s importance is heightened much more because of the consequence that would scar Karin’s life for eternity.


No one must ever know SuperBoink’s and Karin’s secret or else she would turn into SuperBoink forever. This puts her in a lot of stressful moments among friends and her own family. Especially that her father, a journalist, is hot on her trail – or tail – whenever she pops up to do her heroic work.

Karin or SuperBoink?

It takes a whole lot more to be a superhero. Karin sure knows that. SuperBoink’s popularity has soared high up in the sky and the pressure has taken its toll on Karin’s private life. Her school crush, Kouichi, have developed a deep crush on SuperBoink! Oh what is a cute girl – and an equally cute pig superhero – to do?

No Saving For This Pig

SuperBoink is just one of various anime that never got to see its ending in local TV channels. And frustratingly, it ended its air few episodes away from the finish line. A tight spot that SuperBoink wasn’t able to squeeze her way out.