Flame On! The Fiery Elementals of Anime



It’s fearful and destructive, yet beautiful and attractive.

Fire is one of the most powerful element and the one that people are mostly drawn into despite it being a very destructive force.

There is always something about fire that brings people closer to it. Perhaps the power that it ignites. Perhaps its power to destroy. Or its power to bring life.

How ironic that the very thing that is necessary for one’s survival can also wipe out existence. Fire can destroy everything in its path. Yet it’s also as important as the air we breathe.

This power drawn out by fire has attracted artists for centuries and in today’s media has become an integral part of many wonderful stories.

In the not-so-anime-ish TV show Avatar: Legend of Aang, the element of fire is viewed as a driving force to keep ahead of civilization and a power that can conquer the world. Fire-benders are special people who can wield the element and are set to be the world’s great power.

In Marvel’s comic books, a number of characters also have special power to control fire. Making fireballs and shooting it from the hand is one of the most common way of displaying the ability. Then there are others who can burst into human torches and fly like comets.

Pyrokinesis, coined by Stephen King in his novel “Firestarter,” was derived from two Greek words, “pyro” and “kinesis”. Since then, the method of controlling the element using the mind had been known and popularized in a number of media not excluding anime.


Having Eastern Asian influences (meaning Chinese), anime has been known to bring the elements in Chinese Astrology into its various titles, especially in stories depicting battles and adventures.

And considering the number of characters in anime with the power to wield fire, it’s a testament to the popularity of fire among its counterpart elements. Unfortunately, there could only be 10 to this Top List of Popular Anime Fiery Characters:


10. Jiraiya (Naruto)


He’s damn proud of being a lecher. But wait until Naruto says it to him. This former student of the Third Hokage has enough talent to make up for his lecherous ways. Being trained by toads making him a “Toad Sage” Jiraiya still has a talent that puts him on this list: fire breathing and spitting oil from his mouth. His animal familiar, Gamabunta, can also breathe fire.

09. Robin Sena (Witch Hunter Robin)


Robin is soft-spoken, although her looks won’t give that away. She is also 15 years old but her looks would probably betray that fact. And just before you think nothing is more mysterious about Robin than the way her unique hair is done, well she’s also has pyrokinetic abilities. Yes, this goth-looking lead character of Witch Hunter Robin uses her pyrokinesis to chase witches like her.
Using her abilities though impales her vision, but not until she realized how to really use her power as “Designer Witch.”

08. Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)


In the earlier seasons, Sasuke – being a natural genius – has shown excellence in the use of his clan’s Fire Release Technique and made a few alterations (such as placing weapons in his fire ball attacks). He has even made his own technique called Great Dragonfire which he used to prepare for his strongest technique, the Kirin. But even without the fire techniques he has mastered, it had been Sasuke’s Sharingan that easily made him a prodigy.

07. Keroberos (Card Captor Sakura)


The guardian of the Clow Book is also guardian of the sun and so it should only follow that his power is that of fire. As a small, cuddly, yellow creature, Keroberos couldn’t trigger his power until the Firey Card was captured. In his original form of a winged lion though (triggered by the capture of Firey and Earthy), he could breathe fire.

06. Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)


This military commander is in the forefront of battle using his fingers and special a glove with a transmutation circle in it. The friction in his “snaps” (the sound of hydrogen popping and not his fingers touching the palm) creates a spark or a flame by adjusting the oxygen density in the atmosphere. But wait until it becomes a rainy day when the commander loses his ability once his gloves get wet.

05. Tasuki (Fushigi Yuugi)


The former leader of the Mount Reikaku bandits uses a flame throwing Tessen – an iron fan he calls Rekka Shin’en. By wielding the iron fan, Tasuki can create strong flame attacks. Later on, Taitsukun upgraded his weapon into a diamond fan that only he can use. Being a Celestial Warrior for Suzaku, Tasuki uses this weapon as well as his other abilities to help his Suzaku priestess from defeating their Seiryuu counterpart.

04. Hikaru Shidou (Magic Knight Rayearth)


When Hikaru was sent to Cephiro, she was destined to possess the magical gift of fire. Her determination to help those in need makes her fire technique strong. In some circumstances, it is her fire magic that seems to be the strongest out of the three Magic Knights magical gifts. As her last mission before saving the world in chaos, she comes into contact with Rayearth, a mashin that dwells inside a volcano.

03. Recca Hanabishi (Flame of Recca)


This ninja-obsessed teen have all the reasons to dream of becoming one. As a child, Recca was sent in a different time by his own mother to save him. They met again in the present day and it was revealed to him that he has the power to control 8 Flame Dragons against a man named Kurei who also happens to wield a flame entity and, just like him, came from the past only to pursue and destroy him.

02. Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)


Born from the Land of Ice, Hiei was born a hybrid fire and ice demon and was sent away, carrying only a necklace with his mother’s pearl tear. He is known to use a sword as well as a third eye during his fights. But when he summons the Great Black Dragon, everyone learns how Hiei is one powerful demon despite his status lowered to D-Class after getting his third eye surgery.

01. Rei Hino / SailorMars (SailorMoon)


The elegant miko Rei Hino is also one of the Sailorsoldiers out to protect the world and her princess. As SailorMars, she can summon various fire techniques that aid her in battle. As her princess grows stronger, her power also increases. Her most powerful technique involves an arrow and a bow of flame associated with her skill as an archer.



Undeniably powerful, these fire-wielders of anime strike a flame in every battle and ignites a burning sensation to those who see them wield their element.